Instagrunday #12

1. Our Christmas tree :) 2. T5 to pick up my parents! 3. Christmas party/housewarming with the girls 4. Harrod's wine cellar.. amazeballs. 5. Think the English weather was getting to my mom.. 6. The strange things you see on the Thames. 7. Seafood platter! 8. Mince pie, pre-nommage 9. Want! 10. Brunch with the lovely Roseanne! 11. Escort party at the Tower of London 12. Late night gel nailin'. 13. Loved V&A - Hollywood exhibition is a must see! 14. Ted Baker love from Ben :) 15. How many santas can you fit on a tube? 16. We graduated!

What a busy few weeks! This week my parents came to stay with us from Tokyo, which was a ridiculous amount of fun. We ate so much good food and did a lot of touristy things - hence why I think I Instagrammed more than I tweeted this week!

What have you been up to recently?
Crossed fingers the blog will be back in business shortly! :)


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  1. Your tree is amazing! Glad your parents enjoyed their visit



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