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You can probably tell that in recent months, there's been a bit of a surge in hair posts on Let's MakeYuUp! Since my perm has completely grown out, I've been having to figure out what exactly to do with my hair, and I think I've finally found a routine that is simple enough but with the results I want!

If you've met me, you probably have seen me either in the above or in a high bun. My hair cycle usually lasts 3 days and it really does depend on how I'm feeling on how I wear it, but the general cycle is: day 1 clean hair or curls and day 2/3 curls or bun, and start again!

Because I love freshly washed hair and often can't bear to add much to it, on days when I wash it, I usually spray a bit of the L'Oreal Elnette Satin Heat Protectant Styling Spray for Volume (£5.99 at Boots and Superdrug) at the roots of my hair when it's still damp. This is so when I blow dry it, I'm not completely ruining the freshly grown hair and so I have a tiny bit of oomph to add to my otherwise au naturel look. It adds a hint of texture to the roots so that you can rustle it up throughout the day for a bit of volume without the weight of a cream or even a mousse. It also doesn't contribute to the build up which I find amazing!

For my 2nd and 3rd day hair, I start off with spraying some L'Oreal Elnette Satin Heat Protectant Styling Spray for Curls (£5.99 from Boots and Superdrug) on my lengths and curling the whole head outwards with my Enrapture Totem Hair Styler on the 1-2-3 setting. I usually get less and less careful as I go up the layers - my top layers usually consist of a handful of hair and 5 seconds of curling, just so I don't get a proper curl but it's waved enough so that it flows into the rest of the lengths nicely.

I honestly don't need a hairspray because the L'Oreal heat protectant seems to act as both a heat protectant and a hairspray, which is exactly why I liked the Lee Stafford's heat protectant as well. The less products the better in my opinion! This doesn't leave my hair sticky or add to the build up. My hairstyle usually lasts about 2 days looking still quite nice, and at 3 days it's looking a bit messy and looks really voluminous and big in a bun or a ponytail if it's not yet time for a wash. You can get a L'Oreal heat protectant for straightening your hair too :)

The Enrapture Totem Styler (now on sale at Debenham's for £37.50!) as you may know is my favourite hair styling tool. I love the curls it gives me, the customization it spoils you with, and the quality of the product is unmistakable. The product is easy to manoeuvre around your hands and hair, and the curls seem to last longer than most curling tongs even without the hair products. Ultimately though, I love it because it gives me the style I want.

So that's really it when it comes to styling for me. I like to keep things to a minimum when it comes to hair as I'm not entirely sure my hair and I really understand each other yet, but this has worked for both of us thus far! I can highly recommend these products on their own, but together they seem to make a dream team for me! :)

What's your hair routine?
Have you tried these products before?

See my take on hair care here :)


*The L'Oreal products received for consideration, the Enrapture Totem Styler was a giveaway win.


  1. Love this post, and your hair looks gorgeous curled! My hair routine is similar actually... Down on day one, then day 2 or 3 up in a bun! Trying to use less heat it on it now. Since I had it cut I haven't reached for the straighteners or totem styler! I think I need to invest in a good heat protectant if I want to start using the hair tools again! :-)

    Leanne @ xx

    1. Aww thank you! You are doing so well, I was doing well until I got the Totem Styler haha I'm going to have to do a break soon before it spirals out of control :) Definitely, the L'Oreal ones protect up to 230 degrees and are great formulas!

  2. God knows why you always have your hair in a bun its gorge! I really want the enrapture heated rollers for christmas! xx

    1. Haha thank you! I have those, those are fantastic quality as well and great if you like that styled voluminous look!

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! :)

    I bought the totem styler around a month ago at half price from Boots and it really is amazing! Still trying to get to grips with trying out different settings 2-2-2 seems to be a firm favourite for an evening out, will have to try out 1-2-3 and see how it looks!

    Hope you had a fab Christmas xx

    Sarah @



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