Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It's an odd brush really - is it just me that sees a massive, fat, eyeshadow brush? Rest assured though, it IS a foundation brush and a very good one at that!

I'd bought this because I had wanted something to apply my Cover FX with. The Expert Face brush is a very similar shape to the expensive goat hair brush from Cover FX for a third of the price - so I ordered one from Beauty Chamber with the 10% off discount code BEAUTYZOMBIE (not sure if it works anymore).

I'll kick off by saying that it is my favourite foundation brush, because it has some serious moves. You can both 'paint' like a traditional foundation brush, and 'buff' afterwards, and if you're so inclined, it's even open to some 'stippling'! With these three moves, you've got a LOT of foundations that would work with this brush! The painting motion really helps to maintain coverage, and it also helps to spread foundation more evenly than dragging and swirling foundations around. The buffing is the best way to smooth out foundation, and stippling motions are great for even distribution and more coverage!

On that note however, I've realised that this brush is never really as good as the best way to apply a particular foundation. For example, the best way to apply Diorskin Forever for me, is with my fingers, and while the Expert Face brush applies it very well - it's never as perfect. Similarly, I love the finish of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua with my fingers, but I don't like the low coverage. This brush gives me more coverage, but not as smooth of a finish.

It just seems to work well with all foundations - but never the best! It's the dreaded, "I really like you.. but as a friend" scenario from your teenager years.. or the one where someone says that to you, and you go home, listen to sad (and terribly written) songs, look out windows and truly believe your life is over. Nope, definitely didn't do THAT when I was 13..

I also have a love-hate relationship with the size. I love it because it fits perfectly on my temples, my eyelids, under the eyes and even around the crevices of my nose. The slightly tapered bit also makes a great slant to place foundation on, so you don't have to use plates or your hands to pour out product. But I also dislike it, because with its density and small size, my hand can get a bit achey if I'm feeling blend-happy! If it were just a bit bigger and slightly less dense, it may have been ideal!

So I do really love this brush - it's just really easy, and it's great at applying ALL foundations because of the multiple ways you can use this. It's a no brainer in the morning and for travel. But again, you don't get your perfect finish everyday. After a long while of using just this, this does get me frustrated sometimes. But just reaching for ONE brush that gives you maybe not the best, but 2nd best result is what you need sometimes - especially during busy days!

I think this brush is definitely one of a kind, and worth a shot if you're curious and I'd never put anyone off it because it's so handy to have. I doubt most people will have something that can do as much as this does!

What do you make of the RT Expert Face brush?
I wonder if I can try powder foundation with it next.. or maybe even blusher?


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