Til Death Do Us Part by JewelRhi

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Rhi from The Other Side of Cool asked me if I'd like to review a piece of her jewelry from her new store, JewelRhi (genius name). This is the one I picked out..

Til Death Do Us Part

I'm usually not a fan of skulls, I find them slightly depressing (when I see skulls, in my degree, it's usually the aftermath of a genocide.. happy life I lead, I know) and contrary to my loud personality. However, these "5 little dudes" as I like to call them, are different - as you can see, they are grinning the cheekiest big grins, and I can't help but giggle when I see the lot! In my head they are 5 brothers, lol.

I also love the heart fastener thing, which is new in Rhi's collection. I personally like to wear it at the front next to the 5 little dudes, but you can wear it at the back like a normal clasp if you want. Either way, I think it adds a cute little touch to the piece!

I had a few fears about these, and the first one was that it'd be overpowering but if you can see from the picture above, the size is perfect. It's still slightly inconspicuous but cute, unique and slightly hilarious once it really catches your eye.

I also find that despite going in the shower with it or sweating with it on, my neck never turned green and my skin never itched. I am a bit cautious about buying homemade necklaces online, as I've heard in rare occasions, some parts sold on eBay have dangerous ingredients (like lead), but these seem to be high quality pieces as far as I can tell. Rhi has told me that the chains are silver plated, the heart an alloy metal, and the skulls Tibetan silver. I also found that hair never got caught in the chains, and the chains haven't turned a dull silver in the slightest and have maintained the crisp whiteness of silver, which is a definite plus in my books :)

All in all, I absolutely love my 5 little dudes! I've been wearing them almost everyday and have gotten complements on how cute they are, and how high quality they look :) The design and quality is indeed impeccable!

Rhi is from Malta, so you may be worrying about the shipping cost - she's a babe, and it's only £1 to the UK :) This specific necklace is £6, and all her other pieces are equally as affordable and well designed. Remember to check out her site here for her full range! :)

*Received for consideration.


  1. I love skulls, this is right up my alley. I agree it's a little subtle but cheeky when you notice them :)

  2. This is a real beauty, i will definitely be checking these out! xx

  3. I love how this is a statement piece but it's still delicate! Absolutely love this!!!


  4. Aww I also love your five little dudes! I'm quite partial to skulls myself.

    1. Hahaha thanks! :) I've def changed my mind a bit ;)

  5. soo cute! Also, your hair looks amazing in the second photo.

  6. Please checkout my blog? xx
    THANKYYOU! it would really mean alot to me:)


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