Review & Lip Swatches: MUA Out There Plumping Lipglosses

Back in the day, I used to adore lipgloss. Now I'm quite whatever in terms of lip products besides my favourite nude lipstick, and don't get too excited by the prospect of lipglosses. However, I was quite surprised when I realised - these ones are pretty darn good!

MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss

Sienna & Candy Pink

These are the new lip glosses from MUA that retail for a mere £2. I'm not gonna lie, these are not products I would have picked up myself, mainly because I don't trust cheap lipglosses to be a nice consistency nor very pigmented (I'm quite meh about see through lipglosses, as I often don't bother applying them, so I'm really only ever interested in pigmented ones.) The main reason was the appearance - the product is much much MUCH too long! I found myself wondering if I'll actually miss the target when I was bringing the wand to my lips to apply it! However, that was probably the only fault I could give it.

The formula is somewhere in between sticky and slippery, and is really nice to feel. I actually think it's relatively lipstick-lover-friendly, as I don't think it's so gloopy that most people would feel adverse to it. I also found it didn't wear patchily, and didn't leave odd bits of residue that look disgusting like a lot of cheap lipglosses do. I was quite impressed of the lack of cheap taste/smell as well - we'll see in a few months though ;P (tbf you can't fault it too much for £2!) In terms of the plumping claim - well, I can never tell with these things if it's really plumping or if it's just stinging - of which btw, this product really does sting!

Here are some swatches and comparison photos:

Bobbi Brown Bikini Pink, MUA Candy Pink, MAC Please Me

MAC Vegas Volt, MUA Sienna, MAC VG Cyndi

The colours I have here are Candy Pink and Sienna. As you can tell, the pigmentation is superb for a lipgloss, and I usually wear it on its own - never mind layering it over a lipstick. Here are some swatches on my lips (can you tell I'm into lip swatches atm :P)

My natural lips

Candy Pink


I absolutely adore Sienna. It's not a shade I would've picked myself but I love the juicy finish it gives, and how it's a strange sheer-ish mix of a orange, coral and red. Candy Pink is also not a shade I would pick as it's incredibly blue-toned, but because it's a gloss I feel it's more forgiving than lipsticks and so even warm-toned gals like me can pull it off :)

So all in all, would I have picked these up myself? No. However, I'm really happy that I got to try them out, as I'm genuinely really impressed with the pigmentation! They're really like a glossy lipstick because of the great colour pay-off! If I were more of a lipgloss person, I would 100% go and look for other shades, because the quality is as good, if not better, than some higher end lipglosses. I'd definitely recommend these to people who find glosses from the likes of MAC lovely in pigment but way too gloopy, and undoubtedly to people who like glosses more than lipsticks! If the packaging was shorter and a bit more make-up bag friendly, I think I'd get more use out of them :)

Giveaway time!
So I received these in my goody bag when I went to the MUA event, and the lovely people from MUA had popped in an extra of the Candy Pink lipgloss - so up for a giveaway it goes! :) This is open to anyone in the UK who is a follower of my blog through GFC or Bloglovin'. Just answer this question: What's my favourite nude lipstick? Remember to leave your email address and the name you follow me through, so I can check and contact you if you win - the one winner will be chosen randomly, and this giveaway closes on the 21st of March 3:30PM! Good luck! :)

Even if you don't win or you want another shade, you can pick them up from Superdrug or the MUA website here :)

Have you tried these before?
What are your favourite pigmented lipglosses? :)


*Received for consideration.


  1. I'm not a UK follower so I just wanted to comment here saying they look so divine <3 Sienna is gorgeous <3

  2. ooh i like the look of sienna ! May have to grab one when i'm next in town ;)

  3. Sienna looks amazing on you! What a lovely summer shade :)

  4. I have heard so much about this range makes me want to try it even more :) xx

  5. I like Sienna on you, but I can understand why you wouldn't necessarily pick these up for yourself. I always feel like a tool spending more than I need to on glosses.

  6. Went through a massive nude phase over Christmas and was rather shocked at my sad collection. Apparently I favour brights and pinks more. In any case, Faerie Glen by Mac is one of my staples.


  7. I know you like Rimmel London's Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight. I don't really have many nude lippies, more of a gloss girl or bright lips.

    I follow with GFC - Victoria
    Thanks for the giveaway


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