Express or Not to Express..

I like short cuts. My academic life can be described as one big shortcut, where most of the time I've done as little as possible in the shortest amount of time to get the best results (lol I REALLY sound Japanese/Germanic!). So it makes complete sense that I chose to use the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner at first, but when I moved on to the normal Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner, things were a bit.. shall we say.. at odds with the trend?

I received these back in the winter from the lovely Siobhan after I won her giveaway, and when I was done with my Tresemme lot, I switched to these. Like I said, I used Express first after being excited about all the hype around it, and I'm now half way through the regular one. And I genuinely think the rave that has gone on about the Express has overshadowed the REAL star of the range, which is for me,  hands-down, no doubt about it, the non-Express.

The first point to note is that the Express is much thicker in consistency and feels like a balm, than the non-Express which is very smooth and thin. However, I found myself using more product with the Express, as didn't find it spread very well because of its thickness.

The second point is that as soon as I washed the products out, I felt that the Express did nothing. My hair was just a bit smoother than it was after I'd shampoo-ed, whereas with the non-Express, my hair was so soft, slipping between my fingers, felt-like-a-tv-advert smooth.

The third point is that when I blow-dried, this smoothness continued, and gotta admit, there was some serious bouncing and pouncing done by my hair. I honestly did not notice any incredible smoothness with the Express.

As many of you may know, I have ridiculously fat hair. I have loads of it, and each strand is very thick. So for those of you who have this same issue, or felt that the Express could do better - try the non-Express. Give up on the short cut ;) I'm still not sure if it beats my all time favourite, the Matrix Biolage Fortetherapie treatment - but it's pretty dang close for a drugstore item! I'd definitely buy this in the future, although I have been enjoying experimenting with haircare! Anyway, I digress!

What are your favourite drugstore conditioners?
Who's a shortcut taker? :P



  1. I had a sample of the express one and loved it!! I might pick up both when I run out of conditioner though and see if I get the same results as you x

  2. ive tried the express conditioner and loved it, so ill have to try out the other one too!

  3. I admit I'm also normally drawn to products with 'fast-track', 'express', etc. names in them. After reading your review, I will think twice :)

    Ysis from

    1. Aww I'm sure it's not always the case :)

  4. I remember receiving a 30ml sample of the conditioner free with Marie Claire UK September 2011 issue. But fast forward to 2012 and I still haven't tried it yet. What's wrong with me? haha but based on this post though I think things will be changing VERY soon.Like you I have ''fat hair'' I think all Asians have fat,thick hair but small and thin eyelashes that only a really good mascara can fix. Why can't it be the opposite way around right YU? HAHA :)#beautydilemma

    1. Haha! Hope you liked the conditioner :)


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