Review: The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder

I love powder - it's like a finishing touch that sometimes can make or break your make up, and really adjust your foundation (or skin)'s look! My search for the perfect powder is nowhere near the end - but I'm not exactly sick of looking either. This time, I tested out The Balm's Sexy Mama Translucent Powder.

The packaging is cute. It has a little cardboard sleeve, and comes in a little magnetized book-style cardboard case with a cute vintage illustration on it. It's definitely a different take on cosmetics packaging which is different and fun (a bit Benefit-esque at the least). The size is tiny, slim and because it's made with cardboard, it's incredibly light so perfect for on the go!

That being said, I found that the cardboard had some downs. When my brush would graze over the rims after picking up some powder, it would stain the cardboard and I'm guessing with continued use, the edge would soon be skin-toned stained. I know some people may not like the fact that the corners will start wearing after a while as well!

I also love that it has a mirror (any designer who designs powder that doesn't have a mirror should be fired *cough* MAC MSFN *cough*), which definitely adds to the on-the-go status of this product!

The product itself was really unique, and would be perfect for people with certain needs. I'll divide the evaluation in two parts - the "translucent" claim and the "anti-shine" claim.

Most of the powders I've tried that claim to be translucent, aren't, but this came close. The shade in the pan looks too light for me, yet I never found that it translated on my skin. It gave no additional coverage and I quite liked that because sometimes topping up with pigmented powders can add to the cake. That being said, I always noticed a slight cast of ashyness when I was done powdering my whole face - probably due to the pink tones of the powder. But it wasn't so "in your face" enough for me to completely write it off, or for me to throw it out - I am a bit of a scrutinizer in general anyway, so take that for what you will! :P

For me, this powder prolonged the oil from coming out for an hour or so (I have an incredibly oily t-zone!), but it also maintained the look I had pre-powder. So basically - this is truly an anti-shine, preventative powder, rather than a mattifying powder. I used to think they were the same thing, but it's not. This powder will leave your skin looking the way it was, but add a little barrier so your oil wont come through as fast. I would say that this "barrier" would be great for averagely/minimally oily skinned people and would be perfect for people who don't like the matte look or people who always blot before they powder :)

Sexy Mama is a great innovation in the sense that it uniquely targets a certain demand in the market, that isn't widely fulfilled - a powder that won't mattify, that is translucent, but will still control the oil. So if that sounds up your street - look no further! But for those of us who it doesn't - I'm a bit too oily and yellow-toned - our search continues! ;)

You can get The Balm Sexy Mama Powder at a discount from Find Me A for £12.99 :)


*Received for consideration.


  1. I have never tested anything from TheBalm...
    I'm very happy w/ my Bobbi Brown pressed powder :) so, I don't think I'm gonna change soon ;) You should give it a go!

    xx raquel :)

    1. It was my first product too! I've never tried a Bobbi Brown pressed powder, I'd definitely consider it though once I've used my other ones up! :)

  2. I am definitely too much of an oily mess for this one but the packaging is adorable! xx

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    1. Yeah it really sucks, but you're right the packaging is to die for! :)

  3. Would it be possible to swatch this? Or is it too translucent?

    1. Hmm I tried it today, it was quite difficult but it's possible! How come?

  4. I loooove this brand, the vintage packaging is the cutest! I have only one item from this brand (an eyeshadow) and the pigmentation is TERRIFIC :)

  5. Maybe you can try out Sana Maiko Han's loose powder. I'm using it currently and it's my absolute love. I've got really oily skin and it keeps the oiliness at bay -- at least good enough/tolerable without blotting for 6 hours.


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