Event: MUA & Love Hearts

Last night I tubed my way to Piccadilly Station to the MUA's launch event for their Love Hearts collection. The last time I had Love Hearts was three Valentine's ago (when I bought them for the boyfriend, said boyfriend fell asleep, I got hungry and.. well.. oops.), so I was quite excited to be surrounded by them as well as to peruse the new collection!

A few cheeky cocktails with Anna, Corrie & Laura beforehand ;)

How cute are the names?

Sam did my nails for me! :)

There were loads of fun things about the event - the crapload of Love Hearts, jammy syrupy juices from jam jars, the venue, as well as a nail bar to try out some of the shades! Aisling and I got ours done, and I picked the pastel yellow shade from the collection. The picture makes them look a lot brighter, but they remind me a lot of eggs.. lol! It's not exactly pastel and it's not exactly white-less.. a bit awkward, in a sense but it also makes it a hard to dupe shade. However, I found that even with 2 coats, the formula kinda sank in to my ridges, which usually doesn't happen with other varnishes!

We were sent home with a really heavy goodie bag - the culprit of which I found out was a huge amount of Love Hearts! Get. In. My favourite of the ones they sent me was this CUTE limited edition tin I took to uni today ;) That is going to be the cutest storage mechanism after I'm done :P

As you can see, the goodie bag consisted of some of the new Love Hearts Collection as well as some of their new releases, like their Nail Quake glitter shatter polishes, Out There Plumping lip glosses and 3 in 1 Extreme Contour Eyeliner.

I swatched the 3-in-1 Extreme Contour Eyeliner on my hand, and they were very soft, but sheer in texture and had almost a wet finish - I imagine they'd make great bases for eyeshadow, but not quite sure they wouldn't crease if left on their own with such a thin consistency! The shades I got were Gun Metal, a dark silver, and Smoked Plum - both of which are GORGEOUS. I thought I wouldn't like these, but I'm REALLY eager to try them because the shades are wearable, packaging is sturdy and high-end looking, and the formula seems really easy to use!
The Love Hearts nail polishes - the shades are ADORABLE. I honestly could not pick a favourite out of the line because they are all lovely. But I do think you may need 3 coats which is a bit much - but I suppose it really isn't for £2! The 2 I got were U ROK which is a purpley shade and I <3 U (I think they missed a Y somewhere, what do you think ;P) which is a nude - both right up my street!

I haven't had the chance to use the others, but the Out There lipglosses look absolutely gorgeous. A bit long in size, but slim and easy to carry. They look pigmented and I love doe-foot applicators so I was very happy it wasn't a brush ;P I got the shades Candy Pink and Sienna - both of which are gorgeous, and since I'm trying to get back into lipglosses, I'll be using these quite a bit. The Nail Quakes I got were Shattered Ice and Gold - a bit over done in the market in terms of concept and shade, but they have other shades like blue, green and pink which I think are funner and newer :) I know everyone was really excited about the Lip Balms, but the fact that the packaging is exactly in the shape of Sleek's Pout Polishes, down to the little lip at the bottom rim of the clear part, and the smell is vaguely similar - it makes me wonder if I'll like them, as it seems it may have been made by the same manufacturer? Either way, I'll be giving Hot Lips and Great Lips a whirl :)

I'm going to be honest, MUA is not a brand I often turn to. I use their clear gel mascara for my brows when I go out, and have their duochrome purple eyeshadow for nights out, and that's about it! But I do think they are good quality for the price, and find a lot of their single eyeshadows, powders and blushers visually appealing! Hopefully these will open my eyes up more, and urge me to try those 3 some time :)

What do you think about the Love Hearts range? :)
Will you be picking anything up?

Thank you so much to the MUA team for a wonderful night and all the lovely goodies! :)


*Goodie bag received for consideration.


  1. You look ethereally beautiful in your new profile pic there, Yu! :) Looks like a fun event and the packaging of these products are really cute and festive

    1. Aww thanks Sarah hahaha! Oh I know, they are adorable :) The nailpolish ones are just stickers at the top but the red "LOVE HEARTS" across the lid is so cute!

  2. Those products are really really cute! Like what Sarah said, u look fab in ur new profile picture..

  3. love how they come up with the concept, its really cute. i agree some prodcusts are really good, i have a blusher in peach and its STUNNING, so pigmented andf lasts ages, i can not falt it at all and i have Benefit ones to compare it too. but some things id rather have better quality i.e. the nailmpolish, 3 coats is too much when the likes of BarryM is one coat and still cheap. Great Post Yu, i will def check thes eout though as the balms are so cute xxx

    1. Ooo I must try the blusher then, because lasting power is always my number one concern! I wore the nude nailpolish last night - it took 4 coats for complete opaque-ness but OMG - the colour is to die for :)

  4. I recently fell in love with MUA's Nectar lipstick! Now i'm lusting all over this brand~

    1. I haven't seen it! Must check it out :) I used to have 3 of them but none of them suited me :(

  5. I love the packaging of these, I'm a love hearts addict! xx

    1. Haha it's quite cute! Love Hearts are irresistable ;)

  6. Ooh it looks like the collection is going to be amazing!

  7. Love how cute the packaging is. Looks like a fab event xx

  8. LOVE that nailpolish :)

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  9. Hi Ms. Yu
    Long time no see?
    How are you today?
    what weather is london?

    We're company open blog
    Please give anytime your advice for me.

    1. Oh that's great to hear! Thanks for your comment, looking forward to seeing more on your blog :)


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