Peach Poison's Affordable Swarovski Jewelry

Swarovski is one of those brands that I love looking at because the designs are often very classy or cute - but the price is insanity and way beyond what I can afford. So when I found Peach Poison Jewelry I was ecstatic!

Peach Poison Jewelry is run by Lucy, and she sells genuine Swarovski crystal jewelry which she designs herself for a very reasonable price - usually around £20 for necklaces, or even less! I've been emailing her to customize my own Swarovski necklace, but in the end, I bought something she designed herself called the "Warrior Heart" - here is the beauty itself:

"The Warrior Heart necklace was inspired by strong, tough, confident girls who are fighters and stand up for what they believe is right. The large Pegasus Swarovski stone represents the tough side of a girl, and the Swarovski heart crystal represents her softer side."

I picked the Warrior because I wanted something relatively neutral and wearable with anything - I also thought the Topaz is a great summery colour :) The crystals are a bit bigger than I thought they'd be, and I thought they might be more appropriate on a longer chain - but it works! I also like how I can take one charm off if I want to :)

The chain and leaf bails that fasten to crystal are sterling silver, and the crystals are genuine Swarovski. These ones in particular are the large Topaz Heart and the large Moonlight Pegasus crystals. They're quite heavy, good quality and catch the light like crazy..

Look at the reflected light! These pics don't do them justice! And it's good fun to twirl in the window and the sunlight and turn your room into a discooooo :P

I'm so happy with my necklace, and would definitely recommend Peach Poison because of the reasonable prices, awesome communication and great quality! She also sends you the necklace in a proper jewelry box which adds to the experience, and I definitely want something smaller too, and will be turning to her for gifts for friends and family! :)

Check out more of her jewelry here! :)



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