Custom Havaianas! :)

Last night my boyfriend took me to the Trafford Centre for an evening out and I had an absolute blast! Surprisingly, my purchase wasn't of the cosmetic nature, but of the footwear - Havaianas!

Now I've wanted Havaianas for ages, but it was only a month or so ago that I thought I'd bite the bullet, cuz £18 for flip flops aren't cheap. But I put it off forever, until last night when I came across the Havaianas stand in Selfridges & Co., which are putting on a 3 month program where you can make your own Havaianas! So glad I waited because I love customization! So these are what I made :)

First thing you do is decide on your size - they've got actual-size pictures on the ground that you can match yourself up to. Personally, I love that the sizes range between 2 numbers cuz I'm right inbetween!

Second, you pick whether you want the original (which I got at £20) or the slim (£30). The original is unisex, thicker and wider, whereas the slim is more for women, and are slimmer both in width and thickness. This applies to both the base and the straps.

Third, you pick your base - there's loads of colours, especially if you go with the original! Some others I contemplated were navy, taupe, yellow or orange.

Fourth, you pick your straps - again, loads of colours, which range from matte ones like mine or metallic ones. The straps on the slim type are all metallic.

The fifth step is the optional step, but one that I personally think is the best part about customizing! You can get these pins like you see above, which are enamel based for £2 each, or you can get Swarovski crystals for £3. I wasn't a fan of a lot of them as a lot of the enamel ones looked tacky and the Swarovski ones were quite small, or had really thick golden rims but this football was definitely 'me' :)

So here they are! I absolutely love them, they are so comfortable and you can tell they are very good quality. I'm definitely getting another standard pair - the ones with the Brazil flag on. My bf even squeezed his foot in one to test its comfiness, and we're now going back next week in hopes that they'll have bigger sizes in stock! :P

It's also good fun to watch them make it for you in front of you with cool little machines :) The staff I talked to were so friendly too, even at 9:30PM!

And as a person who wears lots of white tops with plain jeans or shorts in the summer, these are perfect to spice up my outfit. I could've gone for calmer colours - my original choice was a navy base with pink straps - but it just seemed like such a waste to customize something that is relatively normal. So I went mental instead ;P

Do you have Havaianas?
Will you go to customize your own pair? :)



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