Tackling that Summertime Dryness

Winter is generally when most people talk about moisturising your body.. but not on LMYU. The sun dries my skin out like no other (to the point of desperation on holiday when I one smooshed some shea-based hand cream onto my face), so I find myself reaching for body moisturisers more in the warmer parts of the year.

Recently I've discovered these three products that I really enjoy, which are quite different from your everyday body moisturisers (my usual favourites? L'Occitane.)

Dove DermaSeries Intense Repairing Rough Patch Treatment (link here - £14)
I spoke about this on my launch post (link here), but this is a must-have for the cheesegrater elbow/heel/ankles out there - one application of this will soften them up for at least two days, if not more. Personally, I've seen improvements over time and find myself only applying this maybe once or twice a week now, since first starting to use it almost three weeks ago. The texture is a super heavy balm, almost like Elizabeth Arden's 8Hr Cream, except less wet and it absorbs much quicker into the skin. A must-have for getting those arms, legs and feet out in the coming months.. fingers crossed, anyway.

Sanctuary Spa 7 Day Moisture Miracle Oil Balm (link here - £7.50)
The formula of this is really unique - it comes out as a balm, but almost instantly melts into an oil. I love using this when I'm out and out about, because it absorbs really easily so I can get on with whatever I'm doing. It's also much easier to manage than oils (I have indeed spilled the NUXE oil all over myself in the silence of the library once.. sneakily smothered my arms in it while checking no one was watching. Wasn't great.) Out of the three this probably has the least noticeable effects - don't get me wrong, it moisturises just fine like any other moisturiser, but the formula and absorption is very on-the-go friendly! It also helps that I absolutely ADORE the smell - it's summer all over.

HealGel Body (link here - £39.50)
This is like, my miracle find of the year so far. I LOVE this stuff. It's the lightest gel in the world and you wouldn't believe that it was such an intensely hydrating moisturiser. It sinks in instantly whilst leaving the most refreshed-looking, refreshed-smelling AND refreshed-feeling surface of your skin, instead of dragging it down with heavy moisture. In fact - I also use this for my hands! I usually don't moisturiser my arms because it's too heavy - but this? I SLATHER this stuff on. It's literally the perfect multi-purpose, summer moisturising product ever. Being from HealGel, it soothes any irritations you might get, which is great for those pesky burns after sunbathing in the park. It's super pricey, but my goodness, if you can afford it - this stuff is gold dust.



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