Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blushes

Top: Chelsea; Bottom: Mayfair 

Left: Mayfair; Right: Chelsea

Top: Chelsea; Bottom: Mayfair 

I put my hands up - I was a sceptic. Many bloggers have raved about these Watercolour Fluid Blushers (£15.50 - link here), but being absolutely useless at cream blushers, something even more fluid like a water-based blush terrified me. I can only apologise for this uber late rave review.

These new shades, Chelsea and Mayfair, I won in one of their Twitter giveaways, and it turned my scepticism upside down - these things are simply brilliant. You wouldn't believe the pigment with them being water-based, and what surprised me most was how easy they are to use.

My brush of choice is the ELF Studio Blush Brush (£3.95 - link herewhich is a standard blush brush but made with synthetic fibres. Slightly more affordable than Daniel Sandler's own Waterbrush (£15.50 - link here), this is a good alternative.

A drop is enough for a whole cheek, and it doesn't dry so quickly that you can't blend them out - if I put too much on the brush, I can brush some on on each cheek, blend one cheek out and the other one will still be wet enough to blend.

It's very hard to get a streaky finish with this as well, because it blends so beautifully and with soft edges like you can see above. I'm so surprised by this because I thought where you applied it first is where you'd get the most pigment. However, the blendability of these liquids are absolutely fantastic.

Who else thinks they need to come out with a contour shade?


  1. Wow, the Chelse shade is so pretty! Looks like a great product

    1. It's a proper peach, it's lovely! :) Definitely give them a shot!

  2. I'm like you I'm so tempted by these blushers but am scared they will be tricky to apply and I'll end up never using it. The shade Mayfair looks gorge. xx


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