An Elizabeth Arden Facial

Did you know that some Elizabeth Arden counters did in-store facials? I didn't. But when I did discover that, obviously, I trotted off to Oxford Street with a mate and had my face done. I kid you not, my skin was glowing and clear for weeks. My friend's skin? It glowed. So sure, we were curious about some of the products the ladies had used.

One of these was the Prevage Intensive Repair Eye Serum. I've got to come clean and say that I don't, in particular, have much anti-aging concerns around my eyes, but my family tree suggests I'll slowly get hooded eyes and I'd like to keep the crow's feet at bay for as long as I can.

So what is a £95 eye serum like? Weeeeell, it's nice.. but just nice. I find it hydrates my undereye really well and the yellow hue and sparkly particles counteract a lot of the darkness that I get (cheers, exams). Sealing it in with a good eye cream (HealGel Eye, all hail) works a treat to make me look awake and ready. But would I purchase? No. Granted, I may be a bit young to see the true effects but at that price, I'd encourage people to pop along to an Elizabeth Arden counter first, and see if you can give it a go.

So what were the products that really stood out to us? My particular favourite was the Visible Difference Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser which is super reasonable at £18, and is reminiscent of Origin's Modern Friction but with better effects, in my opinion. As an Elizabeth Arden newbie, my friend was infatuated with the 8 Hour Cream. Standard.

If you're interested in a facial, do give your local counter a buzz - John Lewis, House of Fraser and Debenham's even have beauty rooms specifically for them! The £25 is also redeemable against purchases.. no excuses now.



  1. £95?! Eek! The facial sounds great though

    1. I know! Definitely recommend the facial, the eye serum is definitely an "approach with caution" product haha!

  2. Sounds good, although a bit expensive :/


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