Another Way to Use the White Liner..

Glow, glow, glow.. you must be sick of hearing me use that g-word all the time, but truthfully, I love anything that makes me glow! Until now, that function has been left to the face products - the foundation, primer, bronzer, blusher and highlighters, bar the Estee Lauder French Vanilla. But recently, I've found an eye product and a technique that adds another level of - wait for it.. glow, to your face!

And that is, the white eyeliner. Not on the waterline as many people suggest, but on the bottom inner corner as I have above. It's super subtle but makes worlds of difference. A lot of people don't like using white eyeliner because it can come across quite stark, but using it this way I find it much more natural and more effective. I tend to blur it out with my finger if I find it too stark anyway, and because of my folded eyelid, I don't apply it all around the tear duct - but I suppose you could if you wanted to! I'm not quite sure why, but this seems to instantly open up my eyes and brighten the area around the eye. 

The pencil I've been using is the Rimmel Soft Kohl pencil in white. Cheap as chips, and granted it doesn't last ages on the skin, it's easy to buy 2 and take around with you if you are touch-up inclined.

There's really not much more to say other than that I've found this trick and I wanted to share it with you in case it makes a massive difference to you too! Short and sweet, I highly recommend a go - I haven't skipped this step in months now, it just makes me look much more awake than I really am most mornings! ;)

Have you used a white eyeliner before?
What do you use to give that glowing/brightening effect?



  1. Oohh! Love this! I dont have white, but I'm going to try it out with my nude liner. Also, your top liner looks fabulous =) xx

  2. I LOVE THIS! It looks great on you. Thank you for the tip ^_^

  3. I'll try this tomorrow!!! thank you for the nice tip!

  4. I love white eyeliner, thanks for sharing this tip. I will definitely be trying this out very soon!

  5. Finally, a use for my old Rimmel white eyeliner haha. I have the same pencil as you! I love this tip, you're's subtle but still makes an impact. Thanks for sharing xx

  6. Such a great idea! Thank you

  7. I use it under the arch of the eyebrow, over the cupid's bow and sometimes across my nose, but smudged out obviously. it's so much better when it's sharpened and then used for a bit though, otherwise it scratchy as hell!

  8. This looks gorgeous. I don't really like to line my eyes with white, it doesn't suit me at all so I'm going to try this out. Thanks for sharing :) x

  9. Love this idea!!



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