Eyeshadows, I Want You Back In My Life!

Does anyone else seem to go through a rough patch with their eyeshadows over the summer? Well, what do they say, "distant makes the heart grow fonder"? Yep, that's the one.

I started off in the make-up world only caring about eyeshadow - I had 1 blush, 1 powder foundation, 0 bronzer, 2 eyeliners, 1 concealer and about 20 eyeshadows. But as this year has been my first serious dabble into blushers, bronzers, foundations and powder, my poor eyeshadows seem to have been pushed aside.

I've also had some issues coming to terms with my eyelid shape - it's difficult to work with! But in the past week or so, I've had the sudden craving to look up gurus with similar shapes and go back to the eyeshadow girl that I once was (que DRAMAAAA!) So here are the lovely bits that I used this week :)

Top Row:
- MAC Brule
- MAC Patina
- MAC Mulch

Bottom Row:
- ARTDeco 34
- ARTDeco 208
- ARTDeco 45

Left Column: ARTDeco Eyeshadows
Right Column: MAC Eyeshadows

I did have a bit of a off relationship with MAC Brule, however I've discovered that it really works the best when used with your finger or a fluffy brush - atm it's my favourite highlighter which is no surprise as I have a very close shade in my 28 Neutral Palette that has hit pan ages ago!

Amidst my research on my eye shape, I've realised that most girls don't realise that you can wear non-browns without looking OTT - we see them in FOTDs of girls who have realised this but a lot of us never really do it ourselves! My fave FOTDs atm is from Amanda!

So I've made a massive list of coloured MAC eyeshadows to purchase when I am back. The one I'm most excited for? MAC Print or Scene, which are both matte greys :)

This has been my base of choice, MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. Even if I don't have an alternative, I had a off relationship with this one as well which probably made the rough patch even rougher! However, I've now realised that I wasn't using enough of this, and now that I've got it down - I love it!

Speaking of eyeshadow bases, if you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed a sudden interest in the Urban Decay Naked Palette from me - I've bought it, thanks to Jade's discount code! :D So not only will I be able to try the legendary palette at long last, I'll also have my first dabble into the Primer Potion :) (Actually I lie, my bf's sister once gave me a teeny one.) It's actually the last item on my 2011 Wishlist besides the Sigma brushkit that I no longer want :)

As I'm in Japan all my recent online purchases have been sent to the boy's so I've got to wait another 3 weeks.. but can I just say I'm so excited for the NARS eyeshadow duo that's waiting for me?

(and a blush ho, and a powder ho, and a bronzer ho, and a foundation ho, blah blah blah sue me.)

What make-up ho are you? :D


P.S. I am off on holiday tomorrow with my mother! :) So will be away for about 5 days - I'll attempt to schedule a post during that time, so keep your eyes out, and take care! :)


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