Bloody Lashes.

I wish I was blessed with decent lashes - I wont ask for TiffanyD, Lollipop26, long, spider eyelashes, but the least whoever made me could've done is to make sure I have longer eyelashes than my boyfriend.. (His lower lashes are probably about as long as, if not longer, than my top lashes.. I know. What the eff.)

So I thought I'd document the point at which my lush lash search is on - which isn't a very good one to say the least. The products I've been dabbling with are..

MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack

First off, this is not a proper review as I've only been using the Plushlash for a few days since my MaxFactor False Lash Effect ran out, and I already did a review on the Shu curlers (link above!).

To lay out the facts, my lashes are short, straight and stubborn. What seems to work for me are big plastic brushes and volumizing formulas - I think my favourite mascaras to date are the aforementioned MaxFactor False Lash Effect and the original Maybelline Volum' Express. But as MAC mascaras are the same price as drugstore mascaras here, I bought the Plushlash hoping it'll turn this..

into.. well, Cheryl Cole lashes, to put it mildly.

Sadly, what you see below are the effects. The top row shows my lashes just with the Shu curlers - amazing right? The bottom shows my lashes with Plushlash :/

Soooo not exactly Cheryl yet, am I? The application is really uneven with one coat and I can feel my lashes being weighed down. The effect above is 'okay' but imagine that with eyeshadow/eyeliner - it wouldn't show! I also hate how no matter how many times I run the brush through my lashes, it looks the same! The effect is actually really good when I let it dry and recurl and reapply, but lashes aren't exactly what I wanna spend precious morning minutes on!

At this point I'm having serious deja vu, and remember the Benefit BadGal Lash. I was heavily disappointed with it for about half a year - and then I randomly gave it another chance and I adored it!

Moral of the story? I'm just going to have to wait until the Plushlash dries up a bit. So the search goes on for the meantime!

What's your perfect lashes routine? :)

On a lighter note, I stocked up on my favourite eyelashes.. for 70p each :)

Now I just need some DUO eyelash glue, and I am sore-ted.



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