Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Straightener

Perhaps until I was about 19, straighteners were the way to go. Call me retro, but sometimes I do think the sleek look of stick-straight hair is really quite pretty - perhaps "bold" is the better term! And we all know by now that actually, a straightener can also curl and wave!

Anyway, I was thrown back into my teenage years when I had the chance to try these straighteners (although on a mission to make the straight look suit me at 22!) - the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Straightener. Having limited myself in the past to an incredibly crappy Revlon pair during high school, and a good pair of Babyliss straighteners until now, I was pretty excited to try these snazzy salon-quality straighteners.

In terms of what you get, the specs seem to be top notch. Firstly, you can choose between black, pink and white. It comes in a zip-up case which has a velcro attachment of a heat mat. The plates are 100% pure tourmaline ceramic plates (which I'm assuming is a good thing..?), it has ion field technology which seals in the natural oils in your hair, it has negative ions and infrared heat which means it removes static, the cord is a swivel model, and you can control the temperature with a dial up too 400 degrees farenheit. The product switches off automatically after one hour, it has drop safe technology and you also get a 3 year guarantee - all of which I think is brilliant. The only thing I noticed with this product that was slightly unfortunate was that the plug is not a British plug - but a simple converter will do the trick as it has worldwide voltage of 100-240V. You can see more of the details here.

So what are the effects? See for yourself..



The thing that I noticed about using the Karmin G3 was the fact that it was incredibly easy. The swivel cord is a godsend, and the buttons are all placed so that none of them are accidentally pressed during use. The plates are very smooth, and even when curling my hair, nothing ever got caught in the edges of the plates. The tips are cool enough so that you can hold on to it, and the product is incredibly lightweight and relatively small, so it's easy to maneuver around your hair. The one thing that I would've liked is some sort of indication that the straightener had heated to the temperature you had set it to. So sometimes, I would start using it too soon and found my hair to not become as straight as quickly as I'd like it to. Generally though, I didn't find the heat as hot or as fast as a ghd.

I suppose that's the big question - how do they compare to ghds? Although I have never owned a pair of ghds, I've used them a fair few times and from what I've experienced, I felt ghd's heat up quicker and are easier and faster for this sleek, straight look. But correct me if I'm wrong, but don't ghds not have temperature control? Which is probably why I was worried about making mistakes, or my hair looking TOO straight when I didn't want them to - Karmin is probably better if you want that range of options. I also felt like ghds were heavier. In terms of price, the Karmin G3 is cheaper at £99.95 with free delivery to anywhere in the world (I think ghds if with the pouch etc., is usually around £135), and it comes with a 3 years guarantee as opposed to 2 years with ghds.

There's no question that these straighteners do their job, whether that be curling or straightening and I also noticed that my hair stayed that straight for the whole day without hair spray which I was very impressed by (you guys know I hate extra hair products!). Something else I noticed was that they made your hair very very smooth. I've really been liking these to straighten out kinks and add a bit of a curl at the ends of my hair after stumbling out of bed! And although I usually don't wear my hair stick straight, I quite like the sleek look for perhaps fancy dinners and ponytails.

Can I recommend the Karmin G3? I certainly can. They're fab straighteners that have all the useful features of a straighteners, like temperature control, auto switch-off, swivel cords, drop safe technology, and they are lightweight and super easy to use. More than anything, they do the job! (and they're pretty to look at..)

Do you straighten your hair, or are you more of a curls girl?
If so, do you curl with straighteners of a curling iron?


*Received for consideration.


  1. wow your hair looks amazing :) my new years resolution is not to straighten the hair as much, as it gives me massive hair splits :)
    xxx Marina

    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

  2. I have a Remington straightener for like 7 years. I still like to use it to keep my hair under control but I prefer to keep the natural volume of my hair and straighten only the end of the hair.
    I think your hair looks good either way :-)

    1. Wow that's so impressive! Yeah I agree, it's nice to have a bit of volume which straighteners tend to take away as above! :)

  3. I have a Remington too, I really love it and use it mostly to curl my hair :D.
    I agree with Lililala, you look good with natural and straightened hair too!


    1. You are so skilled, I suck at curling my hair with straighteners, haha! Thank you so much :)

  4. I have the black one, the karmin is pretty good, keeps my hair very straight and pretty, I love it ! :)

    1. The black one's sleek and lovely too! I think I'm falling in love with mine as well :)

  5. Great review and your hair looks so gorgeous, but my GHDs are practically glued to my hand!



    1. Haha they are really good straighteners so I'm not surprised! :D Thanks lovely :)


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