My Summer Feet & Legs Picks

I am horrendous when it comes to body care, especially in the winter - buried in woolly jumpers, UGGs and jeans, who cares, right? But I suppose in the shorts-donning weather of summer, even I become a bit more conscious about how my arms and legs look.. more so the latter (I'm sure the arms will catch up, one day).

So recently I've been doing my best to be good about it, and have found a few products that I love enough that I feel I can maintain this routine. You guys know I'm a firm lover of L'Occitane body moisturisers, so these may or may not feature heavily..

Sanctuary Spa Luxury Foot Polish - £5.50 from Boots
I said it last year, and I'll say it again - this is a great foot scrub. It has solid grains that really get to work on your feet, and you'll notice your feet become brighter as well as softer. I also love how it doesn't leave any waxy residue, and leaves your feet squeeky clean, so 1) you don't fall over in the bath, and 2) it's prepped with fresh skin cells to absorb the next product which is the..

L'Occitane Dry Skin Foot Cream - £5 ~ £19 from L'Occitane
The only other foot cream I've tried is the one from Soap & Glory and to be honest I wasn't that amazed, and have since not tried any other foot cream until this one. Like other L'Occitane moisturising products, this didn't disappoint. It has a fresh scent, and while it takes a bit to sink in, your feet will feel so smooth and soft as a result! It's usually my tele-time treat where I sit, watch E4 and give my feet a good massage so I'm wearing flip flops care free the next day :)

L'Occitane Almond Lighter Legs - £20 from L'Occitane
I love the hand cream from the Almond range, but it turns out I love the leg cream as well! Not sure if it really matters that it's a leg cream rather than an all over body lotion, but it does have a very minty scent that relaxes your legs. I love it especially after showers because it absorbs so quickly and leaves you the softest legs that make you feel like you've got brand new ones!



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